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In today’s society, mobile devices have become a part of everyday life. Whether it is for personal or for business use, our mobile  
devices have revolutionized the world, including Payment Processing. With the modernization in Mobile Payment Processing,  
accessibility, freedom, and on-the-go payments have never been this easy.

Today’s markets include major companies such Procharge Mobile or Square to provide mobilized payment processing. Although  
Square has become a recognizable company with benefits that does suit some small mobile companies with their Square Card Reader,  
Procharge Mobile has become the company that is sweeping across the nation with excellent benefits such as; Integrated gift card  
software to accept gift card payments, next day funding, signature capture, tip and tax adjust, the ability to email receipts, multiple  
swipers on one Merchant Account (which is great for companies with workers collecting credit card payments on-the-go) real time  
reporting, and last but definitely not least, Procharge Mobile offers secured transactions with features that secure any data processed  
through your mobile device. With benefits as great as these, it is easy to see why Procharge Mobile has been sweeping across our great  
nation. If you’re in the market for an easy to use Mobile Payment Processing tool, then you, my friend, are in the right place. Jeremy  
McCay Services Inc. has the motto of wanting to build lifetime relationships with our clients, and we do that through providing you  
honest and effective services while always working hard to make sure your business is well taken care of. There is no catch to  
Procharge Mobile, and we won’t charge you an arm and a leg like other companies such as Square. It’s simple; this is just the best  
Mobile Payment Processing method out there, and that is the honest truth.
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At ABQ Merchant Services, we develop long-term, lasting  
relationships based upon great local service, the latest EMV  
compliant equipment, and the lowest processing rates available  
in Albuquerque. We have no early termination fees because we  
want your business based upon trust and satisfaction, not  
because you're locked into some long-term deal you can't get out  
of. You will work directly with the owner, an Albuquerque  
native and resident, Pete Wierzbicki. We offer next-day  
funding and live online reporting, as well as a free in-depth  
rate analysis. We will provide your business with a money-
saving proposal that will make switching an easy decision. Call  
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